Run Ragged

The activity in woodpecker world has become frenetic.

A constant relay to and from the feeders.

They must have chicks.


Mr W feeding Wm


 Great Spotted Woodpecker (Male)


Woodrow has a distinctive red patch on the back of his head.

I’m relieved that the chicks are getting a varied diet. See the insect Woodrow has already caught sticking out of his beak?


 Mrs W feeding Wm


 Great Spotted Woodpecker (Female)


Mrs W has a black and white head, no red patch.

The mesh on the peanut feeder is quite fine. The birds can extract only small pieces of nut. A whole one could choke a young chick. Both parents have been feeding intensively on the fat balls too.


Woodrow will perch on the kitchen extension roof and chirp loudly if the way to the bird table is blocked.

It seems we are not allowed into the garden any more. Perhaps special dispensation just to top them up!