Fingers Crossed

Potato Wm


We’ve been pressing ahead with work in the garden this week, so much to do and so little time.

The greenhouse has been bursting at the seams. No choice but to get things planted out. And now the weather forecast doesn’t look promising at all. 3 deg C is the minimum predicted for this area this weekend, but if it gets any lower it’s a gamble I may live to regret.


Tomato 1 Wm


Tomato ‘Sungold’


Mike has been hard at work. He has built staging that is now multi-purpose. In the winter it supports trays of tender plants and, up until recently, germinating seeds. In the summer it acts as a support for the tomatoes. I couldn’t wait any longer to plant them up. The leaves were starting the turn yellow, even though I’ve potted them on twice since sowing the seed in February.

There’s still room for seedlings on the other side of the greenhouse, but many more are now scattered far and wide. Those that can cope are in the cold frame, some in the shed. I’ve resisted the windowsills. So far. Let’s just hope the temperature picks up again soon.


Brassica Wm


Brussels Sprout ‘Trafalgar’


Last year we were gifted a vegetable cage. More construction work for Mike, it’s a bit like a big boy’s Meccano set. Covered in butterfly netting, it’s the ideal place for brassicas. At our previous house, I lost an entire crop to cabbage white caterpillars and vowed never again. At 1.5m off the ground, the cage is almost the same height as me. So no more crawling about on the ground under netting to get at the veg, I can just walk straight in. At least that’s the theory.


And finally..

A huge apology to anyone who has had difficulty reading or commenting on the blog over the past few days. We contacted the site host yesterday and there was indeed a problem. I am hopeful that the work they have done will resolve it. Certainly the site is now working better for me.

Those of you who blog will know just how precious comments are and I truly value each and every one.

Could I just take this opportunity to thank you all for contributing to rusty duck and for your patience if it’s been a pain.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica x