And Now..

Old fleece Wm


Along with the hail came the unseasonably chilly nights.

And when the potatoes were starting to come up too. But no problem, surely, because I had a couple of fleece cloches safety tucked away in the shed for just such an eventuality. Didn’t I? Fortunately for the mice, the potatoes survived with a bit of extra earthing up.


But now the pheasants, and the pigeons, are looking longingly at my salad leaves. So..


Salad defences 02 Wm


I recycled the metal frames, and a piece of old netting that has so far escaped being chewed, to make a ‘summer’ cloche. Job done.

The first of the peas and the beans are planted. Spinach, shallots and spring onions too. The sweetcorn is hardening off in the cold frame.

All set for a peaceful and productive growing season to come. Yes?




Deer 001 Wm (2)


 Deer 003 Wm