Port Isaac

Port Isaac 001 Wm


We are lucky to live in a very beautiful part of the country. And yet we very rarely go out and explore. There always seems to be an urgent job that needs doing somewhere around the house or garden.

So this year we’ve decided we will try harder. Come rain or shine. For what a grey day it was yesterday. Not the best day for dramatic vistas, the low cloud was never far away. But even on the dullest day there is still plenty of colour to be found in Cornwall.


Port Isaac 003 Wm


Port Isaac is a fishing village on the North Cornwall coast, built around a tiny cove and protected by a sea wall.


Port Isaac 002 Wm


This is one of the oldest buildings in the village, according to the plaque beside the door.


Port Isaac 004 Wm


We wandered through the beautiful old streets. The slate hung cottages are a particular feature of the area.


Port Isaac 005 Wm


The streets get narrower and narrower..


Port Isaac 006 Wm


Squeeze Belly Alley. Only 18 inches wide at the far end!


Seagull 002 Wm


By the time we left the drizzle was really closing in.


Port Isaac 007 Wm


Seagulls nesting on the cliffs..


Seagull 001 Wm


A nest with a view. Although personally I’d have installed a windbreak..