Walking Wounded

Oh, yesterday was going to be such a productive day.

Mike left before dawn on a trip to London to visit his parents. Not to be outdone, I was up with the sparrows too. A gloriously sunny day and much to do in the garden. And it started so well.


Ladder to compost bin Wm


There’s no easy way into the compost heap. The ladder from a now dismantled tree house does the job.

I turned the top layer of partly decomposed contents into the right hand bin to expose the beautifully rotted compost down below, dug out a quarter of it, had a well earned coffee, and then forked it into one of the raised beds. Phew!

Time to plant out the first of the peas.


It was that grassy slope in front of the top raised bed that did it.

In the fullness of time it will be steps. But for now the ground is uneven. And, as it turns out, it’s hideously easy to turn your ankle and be sent flying head first into the soil.

So now I’m reduced to hobbling with a rather swollen foot. It’s May and I’m a gardener, this had better not last!

I did learn that a garden fork and a spade make an excellent set of crutches when needs must.

And at least I did manage to finish planting out that first row of peas.