Hot Flush

My laptop has thrown a wobbly.

The other day I was happily ensconced, commenting on a blog, when the cursor suddenly took off across the screen with whole words in tow. Mike’s solution was belt and braces. You’ll remember he’s the techy one around here. A back up, an operating system upgrade, new virus software and a complete virus scan. I left him to it and retreated to the greenhouse.

A couple of hours later, on the face of it, not much had changed (the cursor was still hurtling madly around the screen). Except that it had. Mike raised his arms in the air to demonstrate ‘no hands’. My laptop was now being controlled remotely from somewhere near Bangalore. It took several more hours of Help Desk support, and a bottle or so of Pinot, before the computer was declared fit and well.


And so last night I returned to catch up with my emails. Everything went smoothly for the first hour or so. Imagine my horror then when the cursor suddenly took off again. Only this time the direction of travel seemed not random at all. Oooh no. It went straight for the ‘Send’ button and clicked.

Nothing I could do but watch in horror as the machine processed the transaction.. “Your message has been sent.”

The problem, as it turned out, was not software at all. In an older Mac, apparently, the battery has a tendency to warm up and expand. Located as it is just under the trackpad it can then interfere with both that and the remote mouse, if that is what you use. Thankfully I was writing to a dear friend in Scotland. I’d just put down some thoughts but not reached the point of refinement so less than perfect English was the most incriminating thing sent.

But if your habit is to draft emails as much for catharsis as intention to send and you too use an aged MacBook Pro..

Take care!