The Waiting Game

Bird Feeder 1 Wm


Batteries. Check.

Attach the bird feeder to the large green dome and flick the switch to ‘on’. Check.

The feeder performs a bit of a twirl, to calibrate the device, there’s a pair of audible electronic peeps and it’s all set.. It’ll be triggered by anything weighing more than a pound.


Small birds alight, peck and depart with no drama. So far so good.

But what of our larger feathered friends? Twirl-A-Woodpecker would not do at all. Woodrow and the Missus would likely be distinctly sniffy at the prospect of being weighed. So.. we can only watch from the kitchen window, tense with bated breath.


Woodpecker 013 Wm




Expectation is building now as we settle down to wait.

And wait. Brew up a coffee and wait some more. Perhaps it is the drizzle that has been falling for most of the day. Depressing the temperature and sending them back under cover of the trees? Or are they just watching.. and waiting themselves?


Damn it.

Why is there never a squirrel around when you want one?