The Long Weekend

Trusty trolley Wm


The weather was not as kind to us as in some parts of the UK. Saturday was lovely, Sunday bitterly cold. Yesterday we were into borrowed time but thankfully the rain held off.

Those sleepers are heavy. Really heavy. Three new ones were delivered to the top of the drive and had to be transported down the slope. Provisioned with wheels, a lump of wood will quite readily achieve its own downhill momentum.. leaving the pair of us hanging on to the back of the trolley in a vague attempt to steer. There were a few heart stopping moments. For the last bit down to the beds there was nothing for it but to heft each one between us.

Work in progress:


Raised bed repair 2 Wm


A visit from the building inspectors:


Site visit Wm


Site visit 1 Wm


They seemed satisfied.

The hose around the edge provides drip head irrigation:


Raised bed repair 3 Wm


 Raised bed repair 4 Wm