No Pressure..

Work to do this weekend..


Before moving here we’d been renting and had no garden at all for three years. Dirt under the fingernails was well behind plan. The priority job for me was to construct some veggie raised beds. Gardening on a steep slope has its challenges to say the least. And we are still learning. Over the winter constant torrential rain undermined the sleepers we’d used to hold back the top bed. With their foundations eroded, they couldn’t withstand the force of the wind and the weight of the waterlogged soil. The whole front section of the bed fell away.

Mike has removed the sleepers and dug away some of the soil and yesterday we started to reconstruct the front of the bed. But the clock is now ticking..

On Monday, according to the Met Office, it starts to rain again.

On Wednesday the slug busting nematodes, 30 million of them still in residence beside the salad crisper in the fridge, reach their use-by date. With milder temperatures promised and the rain to keep them moist, their time has come.

The potatoes have chitted and should now be in the ground.

My peas are ready for planting and the beans will soon need to be sown.


Will we make it?

Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.