Squirrel 6 Wm


So, you’ve eaten all your winter acorns.

How many did you bury and then forget where you’d left them? I’ll be digging baby oak trees out of the flower borders for months, if last year was anything to go by.


Mike’s armoured bird feeder has proven to be a serious piece of kit. The squirrels nibble at the nuts, and do get some, but it’s much harder work. And they can’t make a hole in the industrial strength mesh either, to deposit the booty on the floor. With peanuts now at £9 for a teeny tiny bag that’s important.

Perhaps we do need to patent it after all.


Bird Feeder 3 Wm


The trouble is, now the pesky rodents go after the fat balls. They’re not cheap either. The squirrels can get through two in an hour. And it’s difficult to envisage an impenetrable metal bastion for those.

Fear not. I have been doing some research. And I think I have found the ultimate solution. It might take a while to organise..

But it will be oh so worth it..