March Bloomers.. late

Daffodils Wm


At first I thought there would be nothing to photograph at all, such has been the slow rate of growth. And early April, we’re told, will see much of the same.

But I did manage to find one or two treats.


Trillium Wm


Trillium kurabayashii

Especially this one. It cost me an arm and a leg last year and the mice have had half of it. But if it can now grow undisturbed, and naturalise, it will look fabulous on the woodland floor. I just love the marbling on its leaves. I’m not alone. Even though it has been surrounded by a chicken wire cage, there is evidence that a beak has found its way through.


Fritillary 1 Wm


 Fritillaria meleagris

Regular readers will note that the Pheasant Defence System has been temporarily removed from this one too.

But Ptolemy may be otherwise engaged for a while. He has a woman in the woods. When I woke up this morning he was courting her on the path up to the drive. Circling her, all puffed up with ears sticking out. I rushed to get the camera, but by then they’d almost disappeared back into the trees. Wink, wink.


Hellebore 10 Wm


 Hellebore (Harvington Reds)

This is one of the hellebores that I bought at Rosemoor at the end of February, still looking good. As yet I haven’t planted it. Nice to have one year to enjoy its perfection before the ravages of nature take their toll.


Heather Wm


 Erica carnea

Heathers flowering well in our slightly acidic soil, although this one will grow happily in mildly alkaline areas too.


Seedlings Wm


 Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod

Things are beginning to happen in the greenhouse. At last. Everything seems just so much slower than the last couple of years.


Orchid Wm



And this was a real surprise. An orchid that I saved when clearing out my mother’s bungalow at the end of last year. I’d shoved it in a corner of the dining room window sill and didn’t notice the spike until it was over a foot long. The flowers have just started to open.


Vibernum Wm


 Viburnum x burkwoodii ‘Anne Russell’

This month the Viburnums should be in bloom. The scent from this one, I hope, will be absolutely glorious.


I hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

Jessica x