Every Cloud..

Lobby 001 Wm


You may remember that, even after the kitchen was complete, we had a problem with damp in the walls.

The builders returned and relaid a storm drain, right through the back lobby and out the other side. Being the accomplished blogger that I am, I missed the picture of the big hole in the floor, so here is what it looked like after the builders had left. The concrete had just been re-skimmed.

And this is how it is today:


Lobby 003 Wm


A bit fresher, I hope.

The colour is Mizzle (F&B). A very soft blue/grey. “Reminiscent of a West Country evening mist” according to the paint chart. Which I thought might be appropriate. The doors and windows are finished in White Tie, eggshell.

We laid coir matting on the floor.


Lobby 004 Wm


Mike made the shoe cabinet to fit into the tight space.

New house rule. Only four pairs of shoes get left in the lobby. Two pairs each.

It isΒ going to stay tidy..