Fear Not, Delia

Trout with Rosemary and Ginger Sauce*


I am not a natural cook. Even on a good day and yesterday was not one of those.

Cabin fever is reaching crisis point here, after yet more cold weather incarceration in front of the computer. This time searching fruitlessly for a new theme for the blog. If anyone popped by and found the place in disarray I apologise, for it may happen again.


Lack of time and lack of inclination mean that we rely heavily on ready meals. Since the completion of the new kitchen though I’ve been sufficiently motivated to cook from scratch at least a couple of times a week. Mike provides support as a reluctant sous. Can a person still be said to volunteer if there is coercion?

First, pour a glass of wine. This is not for the recipe, it goes in the chef.

I used salmon fillets, because that is what I had and it works just as well. They have to be cut in half lengthways, as though you were going to use them like the bread in a sandwich. Which you are. To have any chance of success with this the fillets need to be quite thick. Difficult to control when someone else picks your shopping and it arrives on the back of a van.

Chop a generous handful of fresh rosemary, and a similar one of flat leaved parsley. NOTE that half the parsley should be set aside for garnish. I overlooked this bit so all of my parsley went in to the filling. I still blame Mike for turning on the TV news at this point but, yes, it could also have been the wine.

Mix together the rosemary and the right quantity of parsley with some fresh root ginger. Season the two halves of fish fillet and assemble the ‘sandwich’ with the herbs in the middle. What could be simpler? Shove in the oven and go back to watching the news.

A second chef has his uses. “When should we be putting on the beans?”


The dressing is the making of this dish. Honey, orange zest and juice and a dash of soy sauce. Under supervision, Mike did an excellent job. I just had to toast some pine nuts. Which burnt.

Just before serving, wilt a large bag of spinach in a pan. Choose a large enough pan, it saves an awful lot of angst.

Serve the fish on a bed of the spinach, scatter with the pine nuts, pour over the dressing and sprinkle with the parsley that you remembered to reserve.

It would have gone well with rice. Very well indeed. Why did the recipe only mention this at the end?


*Image and original recipe from waitrose.com