No Place To Hide

Nothing for it but to retreat to the greenhouse. Seeds are starting to pop up and the tomato seedlings are coming on, but it’s all so abysmally slow. They are cold and so am I.


Bonsai Maple Wm


Remember the bonsai acer that I root pruned last month? It, at least, has started to sprout leaves so fingers crossed all will be well.


But not everything under glass is sweetness and light. All last week Mike’s new electronic ‘zapper’ was apparently removing mice from the tool shed at a rate in excess of one per day. It was when the hit rate had started to drop off that the device found its way, unannounced and uninvited, into my domain. Years it’s taken, to cultivate the art of tranquil, hypertension-busting, greenhouse pottering..

If only the mice weren’t quite so fond of my seeds. I am instructed to report back as soon as I see a green flashing light. Worse still, so I’m told, there might also be a tail sticking out of the back of the box..