No! It’s Too Early..

The nematodes have arrived.

30 million of them. It’s a big box.

I’d ordered them about a month ago, if you recall, to launch a pre-emptive strike against the slugs. The trouble is they weren’t supposed to come until the end of March. And we’re not ready. The ground has, until very recently, been too wet to dig over for this year’s veg.

There’s another problem too. My new spraying gadget, purchased to ensure trouble free application of the nematodes, attaches to a hose. Which in turn attaches to the outside tap. The tap is an extension of the kitchen water supply. Mike is adamant. No non-return valve, no sprayer. I suppose I can see his point. And do we have such a valve? No.

Which leaves us with the slightly knotty problem of where to store the nematodes in the meantime. They must be kept at a constant 5 deg C and the suggested place is in the fridge. At first, Mike seemed surprisingly comfortable with this.  But once they were actually installed next to the salad crisper (no slugs on our lettuce!) he found the whole thing a little too much to bear. Our ‘spare’ fridge in the outhouse was promptly recalled into service but even on its warmest setting it refused to rise higher than 2.5 deg C. Too cold. The kitchen fridge? 5 degrees on the nose.

Additional money has changed hands to secure next day delivery for the tap valve.


No! It's Too Early

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