Alcove Wm


I’m at a loss to know what to do with this window in the dining room. My first inclination would have been a roman blind, which would cover the frame but leave the look uncluttered and the architectural features exposed.


Window opening Wm


The problem is the window. It really isn’t the type of window you’d expect to find in a centuries old house. But to replace all the windows is just not affordable at the moment and so it will have to stay. I just wish it didn’t open inwards and tip. It rules out any possibility of a blind.

Perhaps a portiere, or shutters that fold back to the wall?


Niche Wm


Well it might just work, if the profile were extremely slim, but then when pushed back they would cover the lovely wall niches on both sides of the bay.


Window wall Wm


Perhaps a curtain that falls from behind the first beam to the lower window sill? It’s tricky to see from the photo but the curtain would mostly end in mid air. The L-shape of the sill restricts its fall. I reckon the only practical option is a floor length curtain that pulls across the whole alcove. A shame because it is one of the main features of the room. What would you do?

We propose moving the radiator and therefore the sensitively positioned pipes. The woodchip paper will go too. And the carpet, which covers an original brick floor. Yet more beam stripping (or painting) to do. When all that’s done, I thought I’d make a bench cushion for the lower sill. It’s the perfect place for a window seat.