We went out yesterday. A need to source a suitable offering for Mothers’ Day for a start. And a bit of colour for the borders I had weeded would also be nice.

Mike carried the Stephanotis and decorative receptacle around the garden centre while I hunted for the outdoor plants. Primroses everywhere, but the garden already has plenty of those. The mice had devoured the miniature tulips I tried last year.  And something has even nobbled the daffs. It didn’t leave me much choice. I opted for Snakes Head Fritillary, but we’d need a few of the £4.99 pots to create an impactful display.


The welcome party had assembled on the top terrace back at home. Ptolemy, the pheasant, and Ptolemy Too. I can’t tell them apart unless they are standing together. They must have been watching as I put in the plants.. as I’d carefully excavated each hole and tucked up the soil to nestle them in. A good puddling from the watering can to make them feel at home.

It could only have been five minutes. I can’t even remember where it was I went.

I do remember exactly what confronted me upon my return.


Fritillary chewed 1 Wm


One of the plants with all its flowers nipped off.


Fritillary chewed 2 Wm


A second had not escaped unscathed.


Mesh 1 Wm


Mike has done his best, but it doesn’t look the same.



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