Horse To Water..

Hellebore 7 Wm


Saturday was Hellebore Day at the RHS Garden Rosemoor. It was cold. Brass Monkey cold. Snow had started to fall.

My Other Half was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. But I needed him to come along. I can usually visualise precisely the photo I want to capture, it’s when I take up the camera that things sometimes go awry. Mike has mastered the complexities of the digital SLR. My approach of trial and error is still very much at the error stage.


It started off with an excellent talk from the knowledgeable chaps at Hillier nurseries. The range of colours and forms available, how to get the most from your hellebores, how to propagate. Fellow enthusiasts craned forward to see the latest varieties and asked intelligent questions about planting and the benefits of Mycorrhizal fungi.

Mike sat and did his emails on his phone.


Hellebore 8 Wm


In the gardens the hellebores were beautifully arranged en masse.  White and light pinks.


Hellebore 6 Wm


Yellows, plain and spotted


Hellebore 2 Wm


Almost black


Hellebore 3 Wm


Deepest pink

We didn’t take a tripod. At this point the wind got up and extra stability was needed. My shoulder had to suffice. If there is any camera shake you won’t need me to tell you where the fault lay.


Hellebore 5 Wm


 Hellebore 4 Wm


Here, the plants are growing high on a rocky bank. Perfect for looking up into the flowers.


Hellebore 9 Wm


Now, who could resist?


Horse To Water

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