February Bloomers

Camellia 2 Wm



I don’t know the variety of camellia, but it’s a success story. When we moved in it was in a small pot by the front door. As the soil here is on the acid side of neutral I planted it out in the garden. From a sick, spindly, yellowing specimen it is now leafy and flowering. I should give it a bit of a supplement in a week or two though, it is showing tiny spots of chlorosis returning in the leaves.


Crocus Wm




Snowdrops 1 Wm[1]


There are still snowdrops drifting in some parts of the woodland


Snowdrops 2 Wm


Hellebore1 Wm




Mahonia Wm


Mahonia aquifolium


Primrose 2 Wm[1]


Primula vulgaris. Wild Primrose


Pulmonaria 2 Wm




Daffodils Wm[1]


And Daffodils in bud, a taste of things to come


February Bloomers

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