Just Like That..

Bonsai 1 Wm

Once upon a time it was an expensive bonsai tree


It’s an Acer (maple), but for the last year or so it has been looking a bit sick. Perceived wisdom, c/o Mr Google, suggested that a root prune might be in order. Yikes.

It was one of those jobs you Definitely Wish You’d Never Started. The first problem was getting it out of the pot. Without breaking it. The tree or the pot. And then to tease out the roots. Tease? For the man on the You Tube video it had been easy. His soil just fell apart. My rootball, on the other hand, was solid. Even a hacksaw would struggle. I dropped the tree into a bucket of water to soften up over lunch.

One hour later, still solid. I’m having to pull the roots apart with a fine tined fork. The water is rapidly turning into liquid mud. It’s not long before it’s everywhere.. splattered all over the path, shoes, trousers, T-shirt and fleece. Not to mention the dollop in the eye. But..


Bonsai Roots 1 Wm


C’est voilà


Bonsai Roots 2 Wm


I then had to cut all the roots back by half..

Bonsai 2 Wm

Give it a bit of a top prune and nestle it back, with fresh compost, into the same bonsai pot.

If it survives it will be a miracle.