Cat and Mouse

They may not hibernate, but the mice have certainly been quieter over the last month or so. Sadly it was not to last.

Maybe the lengthening days, certainly not an increase in temperature, but their frenetic activity has taken off once again. They are back in force under the bird table and will, no doubt, be hard at work in the tool shed as well. Sharpening their incisors on the modified dispenser from a bottle of Fairy Gel. Fabric conditioner bottle tops have started to migrate to the workshop now too, to the point where I am considering a lock for the laundry cupboard door.

But I’ve started sowing the seeds for this year’s veg and if we are to get any produce for ourselves something has to change. Many of you have suggested getting a cat. A cat certainly has its attractions but for various reasons now is not the right time. Nevertheless, something of a rubicon has been crossed. If nature is allowed free rein there will be little room for us. Right and proper you might say, but apart from the entry cost of living here we also have a right to food to eat. The balance needs to be shifted, just a little, in our favour.

If you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon you’ll know just how effective their marketing strategy is. Purchase a book on interior design and you’ll be bombarded with ‘recommendations’ for everything from curtain making to setting your broken leg having fallen off the ladder. And so it is with mouse traps. Notification of an ‘upgrade’ has just arrived. The ‘Electronic Mouse Killer’ apparently delivers a fatal shock, near instantaneous and therefore ‘humane’. I fear that even as we speak it resides in Mike’s basket, just a ‘one-click payment’ away from its dispatch to deepest Devon.



We’d tried to return the previous catch and release type mousetraps. The ones that the mice were using as feeding stations and a comfortable bed for the night, before checking out in the morning leaving only crumbs in their wake?  A polite reply offered a refund but stated that, due to the nature of the product, no, they definitely DID NOT want the faulty items back..