Pecking Order

Long Tail Tits Wm

I took this photo last week, during one of our brief interludes of soggy snow. The Long Tailed Tits only appear when the weather is bad. They’re tiny, but descend on the feeder in a small flock and through weight of numbers fight their way in.


Coal Tit Wm


Also on the diminutive side are the Coal Tits


Marsh Tit Wm


These gorgeous little birds are Marsh Tits


Blue Tit Wm


They tend to get shown the door by the Blue Tits


Great Tit Wm


Who in their turn get seen off by the Great Tits. This one is probably a male, it has quite a broad black stripe down its chest


Nuthatch Wm


All the small birds scatter when the Nuthatch arrives. This one complete with nut.


Woodpecker 012 Wm


And then there’s the Woodpecker, with that fearsome beak. This is a male, with a red patch on the nape of his neck. They are, perhaps surprisingly, quite nervous birds. Woodrow is keeping a close eye on me.


The ground feeders mill around underneath, taking advantage of any pieces that get dropped. I’ll save them for a future post. Except for one, who has promoted himself to Lord of the Bird Table by audacity alone:


Pheasant 009 Wm


Who, me?

Yes you Ptolemy. And have you hoovered up all the bird seed? Again??


Pecking Order

pin it?