Welcome to the cave.


The bookcase did get to be fully assembled. Briefly. As a proof of concept. I was given the honour of inserting four screws and then called back again to provide ‘ballast’. Weight was needed to keep each section pinned to the ground as the various bits were fitted together and, apparently, I was the best to hand. Bloomin’ cheek. I know I took on a few extra pounds over Christmas and true, they have yet to depart. Even so.

Then came the task of clearing the room. Everything that could be moved is now distributed evenly over the rest of the house. I think only the bathroom has escaped unscathed. The previous bookcase in the sitting room is made of solid oak. Such things are not lightweight. We’d scoured the house trying to find a place where it would go and finally decided on my study. First floor.

Mike took out the books, obviously, and also the shelves. And then we tried to lift it. It hovered ½ inch off the floor for almost a second then crashed back down. “Let’s just try to get it into the centre of the room..”

It took a monumental effort, but we did actually do it and without further words uttered between us we just kept on going. Through the dining room and hall and onwards to the bottom of the stairs. The stairs describe a tight arc of 180 degrees. They get narrower in the middle. The only way to get round would be to tip the bookcase up on its side. According to Mike’s tape measure we would have just one inch clearance from the ceiling. With another supreme effort the bookcase is lifted on to the first tread. I put my shoulder behind it and what feels like the entire weight now rests on my 5’ 1” frame. Mike pulls, I shove. Miraculously, step by step, we make it.


Bookshelves spray booth Wm


With the bookcase out of the way we are all but ready to start spraying. A curtain of clear plastic will be pinned to the ceiling roughly where the camera now sits and the spray booth will be complete.


NB: Mike has watermarked the photo for consistency.

Not because I fear it will reappear in a National Geographic photo competition anytime soon.