And There’s More..

Not a moonscape. Nor a desert seen from the air. Blistering paint.


In the rush to get the kitchen done before Christmas we’d been left with no option but to paint damp plaster. There’s one particular place where it still isn’t dry. Indeed, it seems to be getting worse.

And so the builder is back, rooting around in a rainwater gully that runs along the outside of the kitchen wall. There is much tut-tutting and scratching of heads but the diagnosis is really quite simple. Water left to pool in the gully is seeping up the wall.

The solution, however, isn’t simple at all. They need to create a better ‘fall’ to allow the water to drain properly and then install a new storm drain to carry it all away. But there’s a rub. There’s only one direction the proposed pipework can run. It’ll mean digging a trench right through the back lobby that lies beyond the kitchen door. Down through the concrete floor.

Oh good. The jackhammer returns.