Early Morning Call

We were both still half asleep.

I was in that sort of in-betweeny world where a noise that you hear could be part of a dream. Or could not. Nope, definitely not. The noise I could hear that morning was like the sound of machine gun fire somewhere in the middle distance. As last experienced during a particularly eventful night in Jordan not so many years ago. Mike, bravely, decided to investigate.

It got louder on the landing. Even louder in his study. He went cautiously to the window.

The woodpecker was trying to hammer a hole in the main bathroom soil stack.


Woodpecker 011 Wm


That’s him. Woodrow.


Great Spotted Woodpeckers seek out a dead branch or hollow tree as a ‘drumming post’ on which to proclaim their territory. They can strike it with their bill at over 40 times a second. True, the bathroom soil stack might look a bit like a tree with branches coming off. It must certainly provide sufficient resonance.

In January dawn arrives at about the same time as the alarm clock goes off. The trouble is, woodpeckers continue hammering until June..

Oh good grief.


Early Morning Call

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