Injury Time

Bookcase wip 3 Wm


It’s coming on..


But the eagle eyed will have spotted that something’s changed from here. The plywood that we had bought for the backs of the units was deemed too warped, leaving gaps that would have looked unsightly. Mike is determined that this will be a proper job. The local builders’ merchant was supposed to be delivering replacement MDF. Late morning they had said. And all morning we stayed at home.


Bookcase wip 4 Wm


Time to work on the piece of wood that will form the top of the bookcase.


But by 4.00 p.m., even allowing for Devon time, ‘late morning’ was getting a little stretched. A call needed to be made. “Ah, we’ve had some grief, we’ll have to deliver tomorrow.” Grrrr. No sooner had Mike put down the phone, the intercom from the gate rang loud and clear. Five 8′ x 4′ sheets of MDF now need carrying down the 84 steps. It is starting to get dark. And threatening rain. “Two at a time” Mike says optimistically. Until we find we can barely lift one.

 The sitting room has descended into chaos again, with the large pile of MDF having to rest flat on the floor. It didn’t do much for the irritating cough I’ve had for over a week now. Nor Mike’s sciatica come to that. The next morning his leg is so painful he can hardly walk and a trip to the doctor is called for. Our GP cuts quickly to the chase. It was the drilling of all those little holes for the shelf supports that has done it. “Knees are not meant for kneeling on, you know…”

So not sciatica after all. Inflammation of the prepatellar bursa. Housemaid’s Knee. My offer to buy him a frilly pinny, in the French style, not exactly well received.