Do Mice Hibernate?

If they do, ours have still to get the hang of it. They spent a quiet Christmas in the tool shed where, en famille, they managed to overcome several layers of duct tape and gnaw through the chainsaw’s priming bubble – AGAIN! Worse was to follow. It occurred to Mike that the chainsaw is not the only tool in the shed with a bubble. The leaf blower is similarly endowed. Or… was. Unlikely as it may seem, petrol filled ‘bubbles’ are mince pies with brandy butter to a mouse.

Once he had calmed down, a bit, Mike made a call to put the parts on order. I could only hear one side of the conversation but it was clear that the man at the Stihl dealer thought it was quite funny… which, as you can imagine, did little to improve the general mood.

And did it end there? No.

There’s also the Flymo. Only this time it’s a bit more problematic. Our Flymo is very old, so old in fact that petrol ones aren’t made any more. Parts, bubbles included, fall into the antique category. It may be a long hard slog to find one, even with all the power of Google. And once again I am left with the feeling that it is somehow all my fault. “Wife’s Wildlife” have dropped me in it. Again.


Do Mice Hibernate_

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