OK, Onwards..

Bookcase Wood Wm

What do we have here?


The splodgy bits are knotting solution. It’s stuff that seals the knots in the wood, preventing the brown stains that can sometimes seep through the layers of paint. We seem to have a lot of wood. And knots.


Bookcase wip 1 Wm


Mike has drilled the holes for the adjustable shelf supports.

The jig is a recent purchase. No job can start without a few new toys to help it on its way, but in this case it has proved invaluable. Drilling all those little holes, the exact same distance apart, would have taken weeks without it. The trouble is I’m told the drill is now on its way out too..



And this is where we are as of today.


The two remaining back pieces still need to be prepared. And the lid. 25 individual shelf sections have been knotted and sanded too. Gosh. It’ll soon be ready for the spray booth..