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Kitchen 3 Wm

Old Kitchen Wm




To increase the feeling of space in the kitchen, we put all the ‘tall’ things in a ‘wall’ of units across the narrow end of the room. Placing the hob, working area and sink on an island means I’m always facing into the centre of the room. I can knock up a stir fry and watch TV at the same time, or hold a conversation with Mike, ideally with a glass close by!






There was no space for the farmhouse table that I would love so we opted for a modern café style table for everyday meals. When the dining room is sorted out (ho ho), we can entertain in there.

I started out looking at flat pack cabinets but given the small size of the room, and the particular configuration I was after, I couldn’t make it work. But getting the cabinets made to fit has led to economies elsewhere. We used our existing washing machine and dishwasher and just built a cupboard around them. They are hidden away from view to the left of the café table. The end wall of units was tailored to incorporate our existing fridge freezer too.

I’ve committed two cardinal sins. Although we did a lot of the work ourselves, and got some great deals, we did spend more than originally intended. Between the kitchen and the water treatment plant the renovation budget is now pretty well used up and there’s still the rest of the house to do. It will be even more a case of DIY from now on. The other sin is in designing the kitchen in a style that is perhaps very particular to me. This will not be our ‘forever’ home, although hopefully we will be in it for a good few years yet. But I can’t envisage climbing 84 steps to get the post everyday when I’m 89, as our predecessor did!






Well, I think I’m now ready to wind down for Christmas. To put my feet up in the sitting room and relax.