Kitchen: The Nifty Bits..

Shelves Wm


It’s almost done.

There’s still some sorting out of stuff into cupboards, but the structure is pretty well there.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time scouring the internet for the stylish items I wanted, but at a competitive price. There are some pretty good deals to be found. We had to employ a builder to do the re-plastering and lay the floor. A cabinet maker for the units. And an electrician for rewiring and to fit the lights. But the project management, design concept, initial demolition, some of the plumbing (!), decorating and soft furnishing we did ourselves. I spent money on just a few big ticket items, such as the appliances, but pared back on many others such as the tiles on the floor. Most of the items shown here are in fact relatively inexpensive, but they add a ‘wow’ factor (I hope) that belies their cost.

Light Switch Wm

These lighting dimmer controls, as well as being so neat, are an absolute delight to use. The lightest touch is all that is required.

Ceiling Lights Wm
Radiator Wm

Another triumph for Mike with the radiators. And his plumber, as it turned out. The tails were in the right place.

Power Sockets Wm

Where do you put the power sockets if most of your work surface is away from the wall? These pop-up units are flush with the granite when not in use.

Steam Oven Wm

The steam oven is one of the big ticket items, but the vegetables that come out of it have to be tasted to be believed. Even the humble frozen pea. There’s just one thing I forgot. And given a science based education it’s pretty unforgivable too. When steam cools down it condenses back into water. Quite a lot of it as it happens. Maybe not entirely the labour saving device I’d envisaged, it needs mopping out after each use, but when we start to produce and cook our own vegetables it will really come into its own.


Kitchen_ The Nifty Bits

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