The Plumber’s Done A Runner!

I don’t beliEEEVE it!


Since I last wrote on the subject, the kitchen has been coming on quite well. The plaster (sort of) dried and we got it painted before the kitchen cabinet maker arrived. There are still a few areas where the paint is bubbling but fortunately these are on sections of wall left free of cupboards. So we can go back and tackle them later, if needs be.

I was waiting for the granite worktops to be installed to reveal the finished result. And the tap. And the radiators. Time to call back the plumber. Remember, Mike’s choice of plumber. It ran something like this:

M: “When can you come over to fix up the tap and the radiators?”

MP: “Tricky..”

M: “How come?”

MP: “It’s me van. Remember them gales a couple o’ weeks back? Tree fell on it. Insurance says it’s a write off.”

M: “Oh dear, that’s dreadful.”

MP: “No van, you see. No way of getting over.”

There was a pregnant silence as Mike mulled over these words. I was listening and he knew it. “We really do need to get this work done before Christmas. I’ll come over and pick you up.”

Another pause.

MP: “It won’t work, I’ve too much stuff to bring over. Won’t fit in your car..”

M: “We have an estate car, it shouldn’t be a problem..”

MP: “It won’t work.”

Mike tried another tack. The plumber employed his son. “How about Reggie, could he help us out?”

MP: “He’s busy on another job. Next two weeks.”


So there we have it. Mike’s plumber had been so uncomfortable about those ‘modern’ radiator tails and whether they would fit. I’d also shown him the tap, the day it had arrived. It is one of those with a pull out rinse, the sort that lets you swish the end of it around in the sink. It has a lot of Italian writing on the box..

I hope it wasn’t me. We haven’t seen eye to eye on some matters exactly, but it’s always been polite. Whatever the cause, the plumber has seriously let us down.

And who, now, will step into the breach? Will it be Jessica’s young, intelligent, companionable and highly recommended, albeit twice the price, plumber? No. Mike has decided. He has done some research on Google. How hard can it be?

He will finish off the plumbing.

Oh. My. God.


The Plumber's Done A Runner

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