Fingers To The Bone


I now know what a pincushion must feel like. And the nail on my left thumb is split down to the quick. Ouch.

Mike had two pairs of silk plaid curtains in the study of our previous home. They were too short for any of the windows in this house but it seemed a real shame to let them go. So I bought a couple of metres of contrasting silk and decided to extend them.



I didn’t want it to be too obvious, just what I’d done. So I put the new border at the top of the curtain. And added a band of the plain colour a little further down. The pleats are hand stitched. Hence the sore hands. So many layers: silk, lining, the thickest interlining I could find and buckram. Ouch again.



We’ve still to decorate the landing. Strip the beam, remove the woodchip wallpaper… and that damn plug! I’ll also pull up the carpet, then sand and wax the floorboards underneath.

A more contemporary stair rail..

And the windows. Oh the windows..

But all that is for another day. For now there are two pairs of curtains in the house. Only another 16 pairs still to go.