The Damn Plaster’s Not Drying!


There is so much moisture trapped in the walls, from the accumulated water leaks of the past, that the new plaster refuses to dry. The cold, damp weather is not helping. Two fan heaters have worked the patch relentlessly for the last four days. The electricity meter numbers are turning over so fast they will have reached the national deficit before the week is out. But every time the heaters take a rest break the damp areas return.

In less than a week the cabinet maker arrives. Painting the walls has not even begun..


Deciding on the colour scheme was easy enough. Living in a dark brown cave for the last few months has permanently affected my psyche.Β Bright and airy neutrals are the new order of the day. Safe? Yes. Boring? Possibly. But light reflective and space enhancing? Definitely.



We visited the stone merchant a few weeks ago to see the granite arrive. The centre island piece will come from the upper right part of this slab. The floor is being laid in limestone of similar tones. It will be a warm off-white for the ceiling and the units. And just a couple of shades deeper for the walls.


Right. Best go and turn up the heaters some more…