Just A Few Leaves


Mature trees look so stately in summer. Come October the leaves start to turn yellow and bronze and we ooh and aahh at the sheer beauty of it all. But then they start to fall. Just how many leaves does your average oak or beech tree have? They are probably only about 25% down and already we are inundated.



Don’t try this way down in the dark. Or laden with grocery shopping bags.



The peace is shattered by the firing up of yet another motorised toy. But this Stihl, hopefully, won’t get us into quite as much trouble as the last.



Some of the leaves could be blown into the woods, to rot back naturally into the soil. The compost bin got filled to the brim. But we’ve still barely scratched the surface.



This year, regrettably, there’s only one way to go.

For next year I’ll construct a leaf bin. A very large one indeed.