We’ve had a bit of rain. It’s been raining all summer, I know. But the last couple of days it has reached almost biblical proportions.

It started on Thursday. Just overcast at home, but by the time we reached town the rain was torrential. Water poured out of drainpipes and gutters overflowed. Streets and pavements literally did become rivers. What astounded me was the speed at which it all happened. By the time I reached the hairdresser, less than 1/4 mile from the car, my sweatshirt and jeans were soaked through. And that was with an umbrella.

Further up the coast in Clovelly it was considerably worse. There, the hill is much steeper and the cobbled path narrows towards the lower part of the village, funneling the water as it goes. It made the national evening news.

Mike took these pictures yesterday, braving ground that has turned into a bog. The river at the bottom of the garden.