The last ones to go.

They’re mostly full of books. And there’s a similar stack on the other side of the dining room too. In our rented cottage they were stored in an attic room so the contents haven’t seen the light of day in years. Getting some bookshelves is the obvious solution. But with the kitchen coming up the budget is getting tight. So the plan is to make them ourselves.



They are going here, up against the modern (straight!) stud wall. As it’s not a solid wall the floor will need to carry all the weight. I want to recover the sofas at some point too, probably when we do the main redecorating work on the room.



The TV screen is in urgent need of a proper support.. perhaps a rustic cupboard to hide it away completely?



And then there’s that pair of chairs in the making too.


We’ll need a lot of wood. But I’m hoping it might end up looking something like this:



How many weeks till Christmas?