Water In The Works

It was raining hard again last night.

Mike woke early and tried to switch on a downstairs light. Nothing. Fumbling around with the fuse box before six in the morning, he discovered the trouble lay with the outside lights. The power had been off for sometime. The freezer display now reads -8. It should be -18. Our new water treatment plant had come to a halt. The alarm clock would not have gone off.

The outside lights were one of the bonuses I’d discovered, the day that we bought the house. We’d expended enough energy by nightfall to justify a slope off down the pub. The lights are placed at low level, all down the drive and up the steps to the road. The effect is quite magical. Reminiscent of hotels on tropical islands where the rooms are thatched cabins spread out through the grounds. It will be a while before we get to see one of those places again!

And so, in the meantime, the task is to find which one of our lights has a problem. There’s about 40 of them in total and half as many junction boxes again. Harsh reality is getting closer. What is it going to be like, down here in our isolated valley.. when the winter weather really starts to set in?