Mice To Go..

Enough is enough.

You’ll remember that I was not best pleased when the mice attacked the lettuce leaves growing in the greenhouse. And to prove it wasn’t just a casual, opportunistic bit of nibbling they’d carefully picked some tomatoes to go along with them. Nothing to beat a colourful, well balanced meal.

Well now they’re back. And unfortunately they’ve brought several of their friends and relations along with them. Mike is talking “control”. He found his preferred solution the next day in B&Q. The ‘Little Nipper’. A large metal spring and a place for a piece of cheese. But I couldn’t be doing with that. I’m far too soft to cause them any harm. A compromise would have to be found.

I purchased from Amazon two humane multi-mouse catchers. They capture the mice (up to 10 at a time!) and hold them unharmed until they can be released. According to the instructions this should be within three hours and they must be transported at least two miles from the place they are caught. And therein lies the rub. Because as it turned out they work rather well.

We baited one of the boxes with peanut butter on bread, supposedly a favourite mousy snack. Sure enough, after lunch, there were two mice in the trap. Mike carefully placed the mousetrap in the boot of the car and took them out for a nice drive. Fumbling about at the side of the road in a luminous pair of Marigolds a person can feel self conscious to say the least. Or so I’m told.

On his return he dumped the empty trap at the end of the garden path. Within an hour it was occupied again.

Oh dear, somehow I don’t think this is going to last..


Mice To Go..

pin it?