So, our first box has a tick.

As all that sophisticated equipment continues to whirr away happily in its hole in the drive we now come to terms with the reality of biomass. My standard model of household routine has gone out of the window. Although there wasn’t that much to go out if I’m brutally honest. But our enforced embracing of ‘green’ does have its implications. Product labels have to be scrutinised. (And why is the small print always so ridiculously small?) Cleaning agents with the greatest capability of engendering bacterial genocide have to go in the bin.

Little and often seems to be the general rule. No longer can I store up a fortnight’s worth of laundry to do on one day. Nor whirl around the house with copious quantities of Harpic and Dettol Multisurface Cleaner as the visitor’s car still negotiates its way cautiously down the drive.

Loading the machine with its single wash of the day my thoughts turn back to the kitchen.



The onset of autumn has improved our circumstances not a jot.


But we have been making progress. I’ve found a local cabinet maker to work up the initial idea. At the beginning of the month Jon came round to measure up. To do it properly he wanted us to make a hole in the partition that separates the main kitchen space from the pantry. Worktop level would be ideal. I needed little persuading and took a chisel to the brown ceramic tiles with relish. Mike bashed an opening through the plasterboard and from that point on there was no turning back.

The Dualit placed in front of the hole will do it for now.