Squirrels, Round 2

The water pistol has been working a treat.

These days I don’t even need to squirt the little blighters, just opening the kitchen door will suffice. The squirrels leap off the bird table and head for the hills. Which is all very well while I can keep a watching brief. Trouble is, sometimes we need to go out.

They lie in wait. I know they do. We’ve probably not made it as far as the garage before the word is out. Another hole in the bird feeder and only the peanut husks left on the ground. They’ve been through all the standard garden centre/B&Q grades of wire mesh and it seemed nothing would hold them back.

It was time for a 24/7 solution and a little Googling of my own. In five minutes I had it. A mesh so strong that the manufacturer has to cut it to size for you – domestic wire clippers won’t touch it. Mike carefully measured and then measured again to be sure. It wasn’t an overnight delivery, made to order products rarely are. But finally it has arrived. A large jiffy envelope containing a bird feeder sized piece of industrial mesh.

It is done. We are ready. Let’s see what they make of this.


Squirrels, Round 2

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