I’ve Started..

..so I’ll finish?!


Remember that chair I showed you a few weeks ago? Since then I’ve stripped it right back down to the frame (that was the fun bit) and started to build it back up.

The webbing has been replaced with new and the springs attached. Despite appearances, I didn’t buy the wrong size! They are in fact the original springs which, given their reasonable condition, I’ve re-used. They’ll reduce in height when I ‘lash’ them down at the next stage. Each layer of stuffing and hessian will then compact them further and of course once the end result is sat upon the springs will compress, giving that lovely feeling of sinking into a well upholstered chair. I hope.

As a work in progress, the chair currently resides in my study and workroom. It’s a bit cramped. It’s extremely cramped. But it has a decent view out over the garden and will be a warm and cosy place to work once winter sets in. It’s getting quite exciting!