Gardening’s got so complicated of late.

Planting a new acquisition used to require just two things. The plant. And a fork. Perhaps a handful of chicken manure to throw into the hole. And maybe a pair of gloves to protect what I laughingly call my nails.

But not any more.

First, there were the wire clippers that I’ve mentioned before (here). And the latest development? Plumbing. We’ve decided to install a garden irrigation system. Yes, I know. It’s been the wettest summer in England and Wales for 100 years. The days it’s been dry enough to get out on the land can be counted on my fingers and perhaps a couple of toes.

Does this mean that we got the kit cheaply? No. Time controlled from a computer fixed to the outside tap, water will flow automatically to six different circuits in turn. It’s supposed to liberate the hours spent running around with a watering can to tend to vulnerable new plants.

By the time summer returns I’ll be ready. To sit down of an evening, Pinot Grigio in hand. Even if summer only happens in March.