A Rare Day Off

Would you believe it.

The Met Office is predicting yet more wet and windy weather over the next few days.

So yesterday, in the lull before the storm, a split second decision saw us down tools and head up to the North Devon coast.



This is the lighthouse on the tip of the peninsula at Hartland Point. Lovely walks on the coastal path all around it.

The island on the horizon is Lundy.

Further down the coast, the picture below was taken at Welcombe. We found the beach purely by accident, Mike deciding to take a tiny road out of the village heading out towards the sea.



At low tide it is truly dramatic, with these long chains of rocks leading out into the surf.

Hard to get the photographs to capture the true impact of this place. Mike intends to go back with a camera that ‘stitches together’ images to form a panorama. And, knowing him, he’ll get a sunset as well. If he succeeds I’ll post it again.