The Unexpected Benefits of Going Green

I must surely, by now, be the West Country’s leading authority on Off Mains Water treatment.

Certainly I have read enough about it.

But don’t (as I did) immediately think about those huge circular pools, with spraying booms, that lurk on the outskirts of big towns and cities. The sort you usually can’t see unless you are on high ground, Google Maps or in a plane, but most certainly know are there. Just wind down the window next time you happen to be driving northbound towards Heathrow on the M25.

The domestic Water Treatment Plant comprises a large green plastic tank which gets buried in the garden. Green in colour. Green by nature. A biomass (bacteria to you and me) is used to break down the ‘input’ into something not too far removed from pure water. ‘Water’ supposedly so safe you can drink it. On this point I am happy to take their word for it.

The trouble is these bacteria are uncompromisingly demanding. And, it seems, highly prone to indigestion. The do’s and don’ts list is a separate booklet in itself. But, hold on a minute… there’s a section of the small print that looks really quite interesting.

The biomass does not take kindly to cleaning products. Over-indulgence in the housekeeping department is apparently a very bad idea indeed.

Washing machine powders and liquids? In moderation only, ideally no more than one wash per day.

Washing up liquid? Sadly, also on their controlled substance list.

As, indeed, is cooking oil.

I am starting to get rather fond of these bacteria. Except that I’ve read and re-read every bit of literature that I have and I can find no suggestion of restraint when it comes to ironing.


The Unexpected Benefits Of Going Green

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