On Power Lines and Trees

On Friday we received a visit from a nice lady at Western Power.

Could she please come on to our land to survey the state of the trees around the overhead power lines? It’s surprising they still have the resources, for what must be a Forth Road Bridge of a job if ever there was one. But apparently it saves them money. Surveying, and then any remedial work, can be done within normal working hours. The alternative is to wait for a call-out, in a storm, on a Sunday night, as an emergency, when a falling branch has brought down a line. It seems to make sense.

Our nice lady walked all around the area traversed by the lines and declared that several overhanging branches would have to be removed. Mike, still in shock at the bill from our last venture into tree surgery, asked who was going to pay.

“Oh, we’ll pay for it, of course.”

“Really?” I could see Mike’s eyes start to wander about and knew exactly what he was thinking.

“That fir tree over there, it could easily grow and touch the lines”

“You’re right sir, that one will have to come out too.”

Mike asked for 300 similar offences to be taken into consideration.. sadly, she didn’t get the joke.