Unidentified Shining Object

This morning I became overly excited.

The 5 day weather forecast popped up on my screen, with not a single raindrop on it. Not one. For five days. This cannot be true. It wasn’t. Half an hour later, just as I was about to go find my boots and set forth into the abyss… it was indeed raining. But only briefly.

Because then it appeared. Something we have not seen in a good many weeks: a big shining yellow thing in the sky.


Does this mean:


..that I can now safely tackle the weeds on the Precipitous Bank behind the house, that are once again taller than me? (Friends will know that this is by no means an ambitious height target for a human, but it is going some for a weed)

..that Mike will finally be able to burn the product of previous extreme weeding expeditions, dumped on the drive for the last two months at least?

..that we can actually get the 803 sub-base delivered?

..that my tomatoes may yet ripen?

..that I can dig out what is left of the potatoes, without losing a wellie in six inches of mud?

..that the slugs will have to stop basking on the wall of the outhouse in the middle of the day, within chewing distance of my beans?


Perhaps we might even be able to sit out this evening with a glass or two of wine?

And then again, maybe the unaccustomed sunshine just got to my head already.