Déjà Vu

You will recall that the steep drive down to our house has received quite a pounding in recent weeks.

..The removal men used it as a rally track.

..Tree trunks fell on it.

..The weather has hurled everything it’s got at it.

At the top, the sharp right hand turn is at least a metre wider than it was before we moved in. The assault of so many tyres against the inner bank has made it much easier to navigate, but there are also some deceptively deep holes in the surface of the track.

I am showing my age here, but there used to be a TV ad, for some posh German car company, with a woman going out to dinner in a little black dress. The ad showed her getting all dolled up then putting on some very mucky wellies to get from her house to her car. I know just how she felt.

The decision on what to do with the drive is way over the horizon. Some sort of temporary fix is needed. A brief chat with Trevor turned up the name of a reputable local supplier and Mike got on the phone.

“I need some 803 sub-base. A cubic metre.”

“Yes sir.. I’ll just take some details. Your name?”  Easy enough.

“Address?” Mike told him and got out his wallet anticipating the next question. Credit card number, right?  Wrong.

“What’s the weather forecast?”

If it is possible to do a double take on the phone, Mike did. “Excuse me..???”

“Is it going to rain?  Not coming down there if it’s raining…” A pregnant pause. “Been there before… lucky your neighbour has a tractor type thing. Had to be pulled out. Not coming down there if it’s raining…”


Deja Vu

pin it?