I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.


..They lurk constantly in the woodland edge.

.. Scampering up trees and leaping in seemingly death-defying manoeuvers between the branches.

.. Stalking the undergrowth, watching and waiting.


.. A squirrel trap lies abandoned at the far end of the garden.

.. The bird table has previously sustained damage that bears more than a passing resemblance to bullet holes.


But it’s nevertheless infuriating, given the cost of peanuts if nothing else, that every time we put something out for the birds the squirrels come by and scoff the lot. And then wreck the bird feeders as well. We brought with us some rustic-style peanut holders that we’ve had for years. In the space of a couple of weeks all have now had their wire mesh replaced, in some cases more than once.


‘Wildlife sanctuary’ philosophy already up for review.