Quarks and Neutrinos

For a simple country girl I have a strange passion. Particle Physics. So it was with great excitement last week that I waited, alongside the legitimate scientific community, for an announcement from CERN.

As expected they revealed new evidence for the existence of the Higgs boson, but to scrape into 5 sigma territory as well, wow.

A great achievement for science and for Professor Higgs, who did not expect to see the day in his lifetime. But would it have been even more exciting if the Higgs boson had not been found? A whole new set of fundamental principles would have had to exist out there, now waiting to be uncovered.

Mike, by anyone’s observation and his own admission, is no scientist. But he too had his eye on the possibility that the Standard Model may not be proven. In his case it was the remote chance that he may yet challenge the result of his Physics ‘O’ level, taken over 40 years ago. He argued that if the Model was wrong, then so were the assumptions against which his answers had been judged (and found wanting).

It looks like he will just have to accept that he flunked it, fair and square.