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About A Cottage In Need Of Work

Acknowledging the undeniable truth of Sod’s Law: If it can go wrong, it will.

And Extreme Gardening

When there is no such thing as ‘light weeding’. Now, where did I leave the crampons?

It Helps To See The Funny Side..

Be it a foot through the ceiling or the recalcitrant wildlife. What other way is there?

The Author

  • Jessica. 5′ 1″. 110 pounds. Wife to Mike.

  • Serial house renovator. Never the easy ones.

  • Gardener and wildlife lover. Yes, the two are mutually incompatible.

  • Occasional traveller. Far too occasionally.

  • Listed by The Telegraph as one of ‘The Garden Bloggers You Should Be Following’.

  • Eternal optimist. Well OK then, most of the time.

Seatbelts Fastened? Let’s Go..


June 21st, 2021|

I haven't forgotten you. Honest.


Crisis? What crisis?
If You Want Me I’ll Be In The Garden..

You Have To Laugh.. Or Else You'd Cry

Congratulations and thanks for four years, it’s so much more entertaining when I’m not the one sliding downslope bottom first..

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I’m crying Jessica.. hilarious!

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A good way to start the day – catching up on your blog. It’s such a joy.

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